Underwater Maintenance Services

Chester’s Technoservices have collaborated with many underwater companies to broaden our spectrum of services that can be made available to our clients. All partnered service companies provide fast response for all underwater repair services, worldwide. Bringing together the resources and expertise of leading companies in underwater ship repair, we provide you with high quality class approved service wherever your ships are.

Our team provides factory trained service personnel and specialized equipment to carry out maintenance or highly specialized repairs underwater, anywhere in the world.

Here are a list of solutions we can provide underwater

  • Sterntube seals repairs and replacement
  • Cofferdam and hyperbaric weld repairs
  • Classification approved permanent shell plate repairs
  • Propeller straightening Modifications and repair
  • Thrusters repair, extraction and installation
  • Rudder and stabilizer repair, extraction and installation
  • Classification approved video surveys and NDT surveys
  • Hull cleaning, propeller polishing, valve changes, anode replacement, davit load testing and fuel management program

A detailed breakdown of the underwater solutions available:

Underwater Seal replacements & repairs include

  • Lip seals- dry repair and replacement of complete systems. Seal ring bonding.
  • Face seals – wet repairs and replacement (Deep sea, Cedarvall)
  • Controlled pitch blade palm seal replacement
  • Bow/stern thrusters- shaft seal, blade palm seal, gear case seal replacement
  • Stabilizers- fin shaft seal, crux replacement
  • Sterntube sealing to facilitate inboard repacking of water lubricated stern seals

Underwater permanent shell plating repairs include

  • Dry weld permanent repair of shell plating and appendages
  • Dry weld installation and replacement of hull apertures
  • Wet weld temporary and permanent repairs
  • Anode installation

Underwater machinery replacement & repairs include

  • Bow/Stern thruster internal repairs and complete unit replacement
  • Stabilizer crux internal repairs and complete fin & flap replacement
  • Azimuth drive internal repairs and complete unit replacement
  • Becker rudder repairs and component replacement
  • Transducer replacement(echo sounder, speed log)
  • Impressed current cathodic protection component repair and replacement

Underwater maintenance and inspection services include

  • Underwater examinations for extension of class
  • Surveys
  • Pre/post dry dock inspections
  • Damage assessment inspections
  • Hull coating inspections
  • Multi-Stage micro polishing of all surfaces
  • Video or still camera inspection of propeller before & after polishing
  • Detailed written report with photograph ( pre & post polishing)
  • Hull cleaning
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Ultrasonic shear wave (weld flaw & crack detection)
  • Magnetic particle ( crack detection)
  • Valve repairs
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