Petion Anti-biological Growth and Anti-fouling Systems for Seawater Pipelines

PETIÓN is the most advanced antibiological growth and anticorrosive system for seawater circuits that can be found in the market. Applying the highest technology in electrolysis, the two main objectives are reached. The total cleaning up of molluscs, crustaceans and algae in one hand and, on the other, the protection against corrosion in the whole system where the seawater flows, either in pipelines, valves or any other machinery. The use of PETIÓN on all kind of ships, vessels, petrol platforms, and inland seawater refrigeration systems, has been crucial in the maintenance of them. The PETIÓN system is built with the best components and materials after several years of research and development, the PETIÓN system is the most cost-effective and least expensive by its performance, low energy, and maintenance expenses.


  • It avoids molluscs, crustaceans and algae incrustations, which reduces substantially the maintenance cost of pipelines, sumps, valves, seawater inlets, intercoolers and condensers
  • Eliminates sludge formation
  • Eliminates corrosion in the pipeline, increasing its duration and protecting it. This means savings, as there is no need to replace them from time to time
  • It increases refrigeration in engines, refrigeration equipment, condensers, intercoolers etc. That means energy savings
  • It increases seawater circulation in pumps, which increases its efficiency
  • The PETION consumes up to 90% of the aluminium and copper electrodes, and for their replacement it is not necessary to bring the vessel to dry-dock
  • Reduces combustible consumption in steamships produced by accumulated incrustations and corrosion in the condensers
  • Reduces the time loss for cleaning in intercoolers, seawaters inlets and seawater valve inlets
  • Eliminates speed losses due to the blockage of the refrigeration systems
  • Eliminates potential machinery damage due to overheating from blockage
  • Eliminates potential shipment damage (fish or other food of temperature related items ) due to failures in the refrigeration system
  • Eliminates potential passenger’s inconveniences due to failures in air conditioner system
  • Reduces power losses and overheating of diesel engines by reboiler blocking
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